2. Interface features

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2. Interface features

2.1. Home page

This page comprises preliminary reports on the amount transacted:

- Daily reports

- Monthly reports

- General reports


- Graphics with pie charts of transaction count and amounts

- Documentation download links:

- Quick access links

-Short summary of the last three authorized transactions on the merchant’s account

The reports are broken down by:

- Financial status 1 (contains all possible statuses for a transaction until its settlement).

• Pending authorization

• Authorized

• Pending settle

• Pending settle 2

• Settled

• Pending void

• Voided

• Declined

• Expired

• Error

• Offline payment

- Financial status 2 (contains all possible statuses for a transaction after its settlement exclusively).

• Pending credit

• Credited

• Chargeback

The information from the preliminary reports displayed on the home page refers to the: -Number of transactions -Total amounts in RON / USD or EURO currency The pie charts graphics indicate the daily average amount of the authorized transactions (for the past two months), the estimated amount which is to be authorized on the current day and the amount authorized effectively on the current day.


The quick search feature (top left on the first page) offers the possibility to search a transaction using its Plationline ID (TransID), order number, email address or client’s first/last name, without having to access the main search page.


The latest authorized transactions viewing feature allows quick access to these transaction types via clicking on their corresponding transaction ID.

Latest trans.png

The Alerts inform the merchant in regard to the transactions about to expire and to the merchant’s logo presence on the payment page for its clients to notice. This increases credibility and a sense of certified payment environment. Transaction about to expire refers to the VISA/Mastercard regulations stating that all transactions must be settled within 7 days starting with their posting date (authorization). If a transaction is sent for settlement after the 7 days count, it can be considered as unauthorized by the cardholder and can not be disputed in case of a subsequent chargeback. After 30 days since the authorization date, the transaction also expires technically and cannot be settled.

Expire trans.png

For more information on the possible statuses of the transactions, please refer to the „Statuses categories for a transaction” section.