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In order to locate and view a certain transaction, access the Transactions feature tab and use the multiple search criteria.

The criteria can be used individually or combined:

  • Transaction PO ID (top right)
  • Text that appears in the transaction details (can be name -first, last-, city, phone number, email address)
  • Transaction status
  • Date (date of the initial transaction or the date of the selected transaction status)

Please follow these steps:

  • Select the search starting date (from…) and the end date (to..) using the calendar or by keying in the date in the mm//dd/year.
  • Insert the search text
  • Select the status of the wanted transaction (optional)
  • Hit the Search button.

Advanced search.png

After entering the search criteria, to start the search , press the Search button. It will return the summary lines of the transactions matching your search criteria.

To download a file with the search results:

  • Click on Export all to csv or Export filtered to csv;
  • Click Save and then select download location;
  • Click Save. File type is CSV.

Export to csv.png

For more information about the transaction’s summary line and the transaction’s details page, please refer to the Listing Transactions section. For more information regarding the CSV file settings, please consult the Settings section.