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This page contains the merchant’s financial activity from the first week of processing, displayed on the following columns:

  • Period (the processing week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday);
  • Total settled amount (total transaction settled amount);
  • Total commission fees % (deductions, or amount withheld by PlatiOnline as percentage of the settled transactions);
  • Total reserve (reserve fund, the amount withheld by PlatiOnline as percentage of the settled transactions will be returned to the merchant in a pre-set time frame);
  • Number of transactions
  • Transaction flat fee (per transaction fee, amount withheld as flat fee on the processed transactions: settled and credited)
  • Monthly fee (monthly maintenance fee);
  • Total credits (total credited amount);
  • Total disputes (chargebacks);
  • Other fees;
  • Transfer fee (wire transfer fee);
  • Total to collect (the payment to go to the merchant, after all the fees and deductions);
  • Date of transfer (payment wire transfer date);
  • Print (invoice printing for the payment amount).

The totals are displayed at the bottom of the table.

Weekly stats.png

The Adauga Ordin de Plata button creates a payment order (wire transfer) to the merchant’s partners.

Adauga op.png

Follow these steps:

  • select the Statements tab;
  • select Ordine de plata;
  • select the partner/provider to which the payment order is to be done;
  • insert the amount to be paid;
  • insert the payment description;
  • insert the invoice number and series corresponding to the payment order;
  • push the Save button.

Issuing a payment order can only be done if a partner/provider has been previously added in the Settings section – Partners Management. (see the Settings section).